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I'm Carli, the founder of Luxe Design Studio. I am an Arizona native with a love for fashion, dogs, Italian food, and espresso martinis. I grew up in North Phoenix and then moved 30 minutes south to Arizona State University where I got a degree in Business Communication and a Minor in Psychology.

Growing up I never looked at myself as a very creative person. I couldn't draw or color to save my life. However, I always did have a passion for clothes and styling. During college, I started working at a women's boutique in Scottsdale, Arizona as a sales associate and stylist. Eventually, I worked my way to become a manager and then a website designer. During my time there I really fell in love with digital marketing, website design, and branding. 

I left my website design and manager role at the boutique in November 2020 and took a leap of faith to follow my heart and start my own business as a brand and web designer. Let me tell you, it was one of the scariest decisions of my life, but I have ZERO regrets. Since starting Luxe Design Studio I have had the pleasure of working with tons of inspiring entrepreneurs and businesses from the cosmetic and health & wellness industries to real-estate and construction. My two (because I can't pick one) favorite parts about my job are watching my client's visions come to life and learning something new every day, whether it is related to my business or learning about someone else's business.

I believe in creating head-turning, jaw-dropping brands, and websites that stand out in their industry. Together we can build a brand and website that everyone is talking about. Book your FREE consultation with me today to discuss your vision.

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Consciously crafted websites and social feeds for passionate entrepreneurs and businesses who want to set the industry standard

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Start setting the trends

Consciously crafted brands and websites for passionate entreprenuers and businesses who want to stand out.

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