01. How long does each project take?

3-page website projects typically take 4-6 weeks while 6+ page website projects can take 8+ weeks. The faster I receive content and revisions from you the faster the project will go.

I book projects 1 month out. I do this so that you have enough time to gather the required materials to begin your project. If you are on a deadline please state that in your consult form and I will do my best to accommodate your needs. The faster you pay your deposit and sign your contract the earlier your start date. 

02. How far out do you book projects?

For basic service based websites I use Showit. For e-commerce websites I use Shopify, Webflow or a combination of Shopify & Showit.

03. What Platforms do you use to build the websites?

Yes, I understand a website can be a big investment. All projects require a 50% deposit upon signing to reserve your spot in my calendar, and the rest of the balance is paid off in increments of $500 every two weeks or in full at the end of the project.

04. Do you offer payment plans?

• Font licenses
• Additional revision rounds ($45/hour)
• Website Hosting & Subscriptions
• Copywriting
• Brand Photography/Image Sourcing
• Printing Fees

05. What isn't included in your pricing?


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Start setting the trends

Consciously crafted brands and websites for passionate entreprenuers and businesses who want to stand out.

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